What’s in a name?

What’s in Buadh’s name?

Buadh is the Company’s name because of its double meaning.

Firstly, Buadh can be translated as victory and traditionally has been used in modern Irish in the salutation ‘Beir bua agus beannacht’ – Take a victory and a blessing!  Today is often used in a shortened form ‘Beir Bua‘ or ‘Bring victory!’   It has also been suggested that Boudicca (meaning victorious), the legendary warrior queen of the Iceni who rebelled against the Romans takes her name from the Irish buadhach.

The second meaning for Buadh is a talent, virtue or grace.  The ‘Hymn of the Graces’ or Ora nam Buadh was handed down in the oral tradition of the Western Isles of Scotland and recorded by Alexander Carmichael at the turn of the last century in his Carmina Gadelica.  This blessing for a maiden is a wonderful mix of the old Celtic world and the new Christian one, which blesses her with the ‘nine pure choice graces’ amongst others.

Buadh was chosen because of our expertise in talent management, our analysis of your people’s talents will bring victory to your organisation.

Buadh’s Logo

Buadh - Salmon of knowledge

Buadh’s logo is the legendary Salmon of Knowledge from Irish mythology.  It ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom, giving it the wisdom of the world.  It ultimately bestowed its knowledge onto Finn MacCool, who was a warrior and talented poet who brought victory to the Fianna – a band of noble warriors (you can find out more of this story elsewhere on this site).  We trust that Buadh‘s knowledge, skill and experience will help you and your organisation become legendary too.