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Buadh Talent Management Consultants

Buadh (pronounced bu-ah) is Gaelic for both victory and talent.

Buadh is a management consultancy that will maximise the talents of your people.  We specialise in human resource management, founded on our extensive experience in talent management and backed up by the latest academic knowledge.  We will analyse your current strategies and identify the talents of your people in order to give you a comprehensive overview of your talent, where your strengths are and importantly, where your weaknesses lie.  In analysing your human resource management systems and strategy, we identify practical solutions to help you optimise your outputs and optimise the talents of your team. 

Our Services

Maximising the talents of your people is at the top of every CEO’s agenda: Buadh will analyse your talent management architecture and strategy, bench-marking it against current industry and academic practice to optimise acquiring your talent, but more importantly retaining it so that your talent is nurtured.

As a firm believer in life-long learning, Buadh believes that ‘every day is a learning day’. We will conduct a training needs analysis and identify in-house or external training to meet the needs of your talent development strategy.

Using Buadh’s Knowledge, Skills and Experiences in leadership, talent, change and human resource management we will provide solutions that are bespoke – tailored to your strategy, needs and aims.  We will help unlock the full potential of your people.